Wendy Rachman


My Journey

My love for medicine started when I was 3 years old. I had to have my pulmonary valve removed due to a Congenital Heart Defect.  This moment in my life sent me on a mission to health for myself and later evolved into a mission to help others. I lived a very holistic lifestyle. I ate clean food. My parents always grew an organic garden and we always bought fresh meat from the butcher up the street. I grew up in the country with wide spaces and clean air.  In college I got into yoga, became a Vegetarian, then vegan, then raw foodist, and during my pregnancy, I found meat again.  In my early college years while working at a local hospital, I had an epiphany.  What could I do that would allow me to help patients to the degree that Western Medicine claimed without doing harm to the patient. Then I found it, Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was so excited, and little did I know this Medicine would not only help thousands of patients but my own health as well.  I never really had any issues with my heart or my missing valve until after I had my daughter at the age of 29.  Like any other cardiac follow-up, I went in for all of the scheduled test, except this time they weren’t normal.  Apparently somewhere along the way my heart had began to grow on the right side.  They recommended open-heart surgery and I of course needed to know if that was truly the only solution.  I started focusing my Acupuncture treatments to tonify the heart and used herbal formulations that opened up the vessels and strengthened the heart muscle.  I exercised and started meditating on the health of my body overall. I went back for a 1 year follow-up. My Cardiologist informed me that I no longer needed any open heart surgery and that my heart had returned to its normal size. This Medicine still amazes me everyday and I want to share it with the world.  I am an Eastern Medicine Practitioner with a very strong background in Western Medicine and Integrative Medicine is my passion.  I have been studying Eastern Medicine for 13+ years and in that time I have treated a variety of conditions.  When  someone enters my office for treatment, my goals for them are that they leave feeling better, lighter, stronger, with less pain and more relaxed, a better state of well-being.  I incorporate many different modalities during treatment in order to maximize the best possible outcome.